Scorch Protocol Refeed for Beginners (Long Covid Variation)

Scorch Protocol Refeed for Beginners (Long Covid Variation)


The refeed which takes into consideration reactivation of latent viruses, relapses, and ideal way to manage long covid symptoms post fast for a powerful recovery.

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The beginners scorch protocol is to fill a niche that has been asked of me way too often when helping someone out that is preparing to dry fast for long covid or a similar autoimmune disease. The min-max official scorch protocol is scary and overbearing, as well as pretty complicated. I try to explain that it is simply a guideline if you were wanting to min-max the situation. There's also a few missing pieces in it, but overall the skeleton still stands. This protocol aims to distill it even further for simplification. If this is still too much for you, then compress it further until you hit the poor man's scorch protocol preparation guide listed below:

The Scorch Protocol is free to all (just requires a free sub on the site) and is a min-maxing approach that works for any disease. It does not include covid specific medications nor any specific relapse instructions, as a lot of them are not google search engine friendly.

The simplicity in this is the fact that most of the supplements being used here are also being used in the preparation. So you are not wasting money buying different things for both prep and refeed. The goal is to beat back, stimulate, and prevent certain aspects of long covid. Not every case is identical but this is most basic protocol that targets the pillars. This article is hidden and only for members because it contains medications that google would censor me for, unfortunately. The supplements and medications used here are used successfuly by many, and I believe they are fundamental to successfully pushing the needle in the journey of healing, especially for long covid. You'll notice that dry fasting practitioners like Filonov know very little about long covid, and speculate a lot about it, while I've lived it, healed it, and am helping many other long haulers heal too. There are a few other experimental/advanced techniques that I am not willing to disclose here because a) they are controversial and b) because they are still in experimental stages showing amazing results, but not enough data points to make me comfortable recommending them.

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