Beginners Dry Fasting Protocol 2024
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Beginners Dry Fasting Protocol 2024


Dry fasting has been around for a long time. People did it when they had no food or water, not because they were following a special diet or taking supplements.

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This guide is here to help beginners learn about dry fasting in a simple way, taking out the complex parts often found in other guides. While some guides talk about special diets or taking supplements to make fasting better, this guide keeps it natural. Dry fasting has been around for a long time. People did it when they had no food or water, not because they were following a special diet or taking supplements.

Be careful of anyone who says you require supplements or their herbal mixtures to dry fast. A person comes to mind that has very complex herbal mixtures that promise people the world. There is nothing more powerful than a simple dry fast, a careful refeed, and a whole foods nutritious diet. Avoid processed food and seed oils. Don't fall for the snake oil salesmen. Of course, once you enter long and repeated dry fasts, taking extra precautions makes sense.

The main point of this guide is to make dry fasting easy to understand for beginners. It clears up some common wrong ideas, like thinking people can't live without water for three days. Our bodies are really good at handling tough situations, including not having enough water, as long as it doesn't happen too fast or too severely. Our bodies getting used to this is similar to how our muscles get stronger when we gradually challenge them during exercise. Our bodies can also adjust to other tough situations, like changes in temperature, eating less, or going without water for a while.

So, this guide is all about getting back to the basic ideas of dry fasting. It's about understanding how dry fasting works, knowing that our bodies can handle and adjust to it, and realizing that while dry fasting can be tough, we can do it safely and carefully if we plan it right. This guide suggests starting dry fasting without relying on supplements or strict rules, but by learning about it and doing it carefully.

Be careful of anyone who says they know everything about dry fasting or that their way is the only right way. Dry fasting is personal and it changes as we learn more. No one should act like they know everything about it or ignore what others have learned.

As you get more experience with dry fasting, you can start to suggest what might be safer or more effective. For example, I like to do 5-day dry fasts. The longer you dry fast, the more your body goes into autophagy and ketosis, and the more you get dehydrated. These things can help with healing. But remember, the longer you fast, the more risks there are. Everything has risks, especially things that are really stressful. But you can still do it safely and make it work for you.

Advanced guide for Long Covid that you can use after you've gone through a few beginner dry fasts:

2024 Scorch Protocol 28 Day Protocol for Long Covid (And Lyme’s and Auto Immune Illnesses)

Dry fasting might even help when regular medicine doesn't. I think it's the world's most powerful antidote to the widest array of illnesses. Your body can be its own doctor. This guide aims to give you the basic ideas of dry fasting and tips for beginners to start safely. It's all about taking that first step in a smart way.

Now let's get to the protocols for beginners!

Please note that the beginner protocols I wrote are behind a 5$ subscription paywall - this helps me pay for the hosting and other costs associated with trying to keep the dry fasting club infrastructure up. I want to make this as accessible as possible, so please help me continue working on this. Once you subscribe you will be able to see the protocols in detail below.

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