Dry Fasting Experiences

Dry Fasting Experiences

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Dry Fasting Experiences from first hand accounts, to polls and information gathered from other dry fasters from around the globe.

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Improve your Dry Fasting Refeed with a CGM - Continuous Glucose Monitor (and a note about HRV)

Insulin resistance is our best way to track cellular resistance – the topic I recently talked about in another blog post – And therefore don't sleep on it.

Healing Long Covid Update May 2024

Back to 90% health after my recent reinfection exploration (tldr: healed severe LC with scorch protocol, willfully reinfected for science

Dry Fasting Blood Test April 2024 - kidney, liver, heart, and pancreas health

This blood test comes 5 months after my last one. Within the last 5 months, I have performed two 5-day dry fasts and ten 36-hour dry fasts.

After Dry Fasting Blood Test Analysis - Auto Immune Diseases Long Covid

Today, we're going to chat about blood tests. A lot of people truly believe that dry fasting destroys

7-Day Dry Fasting Results | April 2023 Dry Fast

Discover the amazing 7-day dry fasting results: weight loss, mental clarity, detoxification, and more. Experience transformation in just one week!

5-Day Dry Fast Results | Yannick April 2023

Follow a detailed journey of results from a 5-day dry fast. Photos, graphs, information, everything you may want to know about a dry fasting experience

Dry fasting questions with Dr. Filinov

Introduction Today I would like to share with you a transcription of Q&A with dr Filonov. 💡Please look

My 3-day dry fasting results | 72-hour dry fast

Discover the power of dry fasting for weight loss & health. Learn from a 10-year fasting veteran's 72-hour dry fast journey & results.

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