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Reactivated Latent Viruses Long Covid Mitochondrial Hyperfusion

Another quick discussion on viral reactivation from latent viruses and how it relates to long covid and other severe illnesses.

Dry Fasting Stress - Managing viral reactivations for Long Covid and others

Discover how stress triggers viral reactivation, potentially worsening illnesses after a dry fast.

Advanced Scorch Protocol Refeed (Variation X)

A specific protocol for someone with neuro-specific long covid

How much weight can you lose dry fasting? Q&A

Dry fasting typically results in rapid weight loss, although much of it is water weight initially. The beauty of dry fasting when it comes to fat loss is that a dry fast will burn more fat compared to muscle.

Dry Fasting Thought of the Day - A.I. Censorship

Open-source AI censorship will lead to a global surveillance state and potentially escalate to military action and international conflict. Washington

Scorch Protocol Refeed for Beginners (Long Covid Variation)

The refeed which takes into consideration reactivation of latent viruses, relapses, and ideal way to manage long covid symptoms post fast for a powerful recovery.

Scorch Protocol Preparation for Beginners (Long Covid Variation)

A simplified version ideally for beginners to the scorch protocol that distills everything to the most important parts

How much muscle will you lose on a dry fast?

Humans have been involuntarily fasting since the beginning of time. If we didn't have built in mechanisms to preserve muscle, we likely would have died long ago.

Long Covid August 2023 Thoughts and Reddit

This has been going on for over 3 years. Unfortunately long haulers are getting red pilled into understanding how the

How long can you safely do a dry fast?

One of the most important questions when it comes to dry fasting. How long can you safely do it?

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