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Is dry fasting a good idea when sick with a cold or flu?

This information is strictly speculative and based on my own experiences. This does not mean that it will be the

Fix your vagus nerve to heal chronic illness and improve glucose metabolism with dry fasting

The vagus nerve is so important to glucose metabolism. I talk about this a lot. You can suppress a lot

Healing Long Covid Update May 2024

Back to 90% health after my recent reinfection exploration (tldr: healed severe LC with scorch protocol, willfully reinfected for science

Dry Fasting Blood Test April 2024 - kidney, liver, heart, and pancreas health

This blood test comes 5 months after my last one. Within the last 5 months, I have performed two 5-day dry fasts and ten 36-hour dry fasts.

Huge updates to Simplified Scorch Protocol that will help everyone with Chronic Illness

I am aggressively updating it and adding more information under the Simplified and Condensed Scorch Protocol 2024. If you'

The Impact between Monounsaturated Fatty Acids and Saturated Fatty Acids on Bile when Fasting

Too long fasts when in a very high cholesterol situation can lead to gallstones. Switching to a higher carb diet without bringing down cholesterol levels can be even worse, quicker.

Is coffee safe for fasting when you have chronic health issues?

Stimulants are addictive and build tolerance. You need to consider this when thinking about how and why you use caffeine.

Should you eat fiber or meat before a dry fast?

When you start a dry fast you can expect that your digestive system will be shutting down very quickly. The easiest way to look at it is that it shuts down 3x faster than on a water fast.

A glimpse into my super-powered short dry fast to beat long covid reinfections

When you are severely sick with a chronic illness, it's like you're trapped in quicksand.

Schennikov’s Dry Fasting Protocol

On the one hand, it is an opportunity to cleanse the body, get rid of a number of serious diseases, strengthen the immune system and make the body more perfect. On the other hand, this event is associated with certain, sometimes considerable, risks.

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