Gain access to controversial experiments, tests, and theories from long covid treatment and Lyme, to lupus and diabetes. Experimental supplements to help you transition into dry fasting 2x easier. From experiences taking psychedelics on dry fasting to re-wire the brain and heal mental illnesses. There's a lot of information here that wouldn't sit well with the algorithms. So please consider supporting our goal of bringing you more and more human experiences to learn from, by subscribing and being a part of this dry fasting movement.

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If you are in a financially difficult position please reach out and we can make exceptions. No matter what I require you to track your progress and track specific measurements. If you don't track them or dry fast recklessly, I will most likely drop your case. I do this to help, it is not even remotely worth the money. The subscription is simply a way to sift out the ones that are serious vs time wasters.

Regardless of what you choose to do, the goal of the dry fasting club is to arm you with the correct information so that you can do dry fasting safely from your own home and at your own pace. We are always looking for success stories or unique protocols that are well-documented. If that sounds like you, please reach out through our discord to find a way to get your story published on the dry fasting club. Good luck on your dry fasting journey!


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