Dry Fasting Basics

Dry Fasting Basics

How to get started with Dry Fasting. Everything from the different stages, to what is dry fasting, to the best way to prepare for it. These articles are hand curated to help you get started in the dry fasting world.

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How to get started with Dry Fasting. Everything from the different stages, to what is dry fasting, to the best way to prepare for it. These articles are hand curated to help you get started in the dry fasting world.

Scroll down to find articles that talk about everything dry fasting from dangers, to protocols, preparation, mental state, and what to expect during your next fast.

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The Science Behind How a 5-Day Dry Fast is Safe for Healthy Individuals

Yet, the participants in the aforementioned study demonstrated normal blood pressure, heart rate, and hemoglobin oxygen saturation, safe values in serum creatinine, urea, K+, Na+, and glucose, a moderate increase in serum osmolality and a substantial increase in glomerular filtration rate.

The Science Behind How Dry Fasting Reboots Your Autophagy and Fixes Your Cellular Health

You can see that by pairing both nutrient deprivation (starvation) and higher sodium levels (hypertonic stress) you get more autophagy expression, however, there seems to be a maximum limit of autophagy at a given time. A threshold and limiting reagent.

The Science behind how the body makes MORE of its own water when dry fasting

When we fast, our body turns to stored fat for energy, a process known as fat oxidation. This isn't just about energy; it's also about water production.

Everything you wanted to know about cortisol, adrenal fatigue, and dry fasting

Cortisol, known as the "stress hormone," is produced by the adrenal glands. Its primary role is in managing how the body uses carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, and it also helps regulate the body's response to stress. During extended fasting, cortisol levels rise.

The Science behind how a 1-day Dry Fast is equivalent to a 3-day Water Fast in Raw Autophagic Power

LC3 is a protein that is critical to autophagy. We can use this information to see how much autophagy is happening at a given time.

Do you absorb water through the skin during dry fasting? Aquaporins

For over 20 years, Filonov advocated for cold plunges during dry fasting, believing in their benefits. However, he has recently revised this recommendation, now advising against them.

Dry Fasting Stress - Managing viral reactivations for Long Covid and others

Discover how stress triggers viral reactivation, potentially worsening illnesses after a dry fast.

What I Learned after 300 Days of Dry Fasting

Things that I truly believe are critical and not well-known or are highly controversial and hotly debated.

Dry Fasting Research Quick-Start Guide

💡I am starting this post as a reminder to build it out as a road map for new people to

Cleansing the blood and intestines with adsorption via Activated Charcoal and other

Boost digestion with an intestinal sorbent cleanse before dry fasting. Consume sorbent, fast, drink salt solution, and clear toxins.

Dry Fasting Risk Factors | Who should NOT dry fast

Dry fasting is tough. So knowing what you need to watch out for is critical. Learn about the dangers and what are the contraindications.

Fasting Mechanisms | Understand Ketosis and Starvation

Understanding these changes can help us better understand certain medical conditions involving ketosis, what to expect, and how to use it to our advantage in both a healing and longevity sense.

Metabolic Water and Fasting | Wet and Dry

Discover metabolic water, produced by animals as they break down nutrients like proteins and fats, helping them maintain hydration in limited water conditions.

Mental State and Dry Fasting - Are feelings important?

Discover why feelings are crucial during dry fasting. Learn how to cope with common symptoms and how to listen to your body to ensure a safe and effective fast.

What is The Acidotic Crisis in Dry Fasting and Water Fasting?

Exploring the acidotic crisis: Investigate the link between dry fasting and metabolic acidosis, and how to harness its potential for well-being.

What is Dry Fasting – Is it Safe to Dry Fast

Discover dry fasting benefits, safety, types, and how it compares to water fasting. Boost health and weight loss with this fasting technique.

Dry Fasting Stages | How much weight can you lose

Explore the stages of dry fasting and understand its impact on weight loss and health. Dry fasting accelerates ketosis and autophagy, providing quicker results than other fasting methods. Learn the preparation, stages, and refeeding process for an effective and safe dry fasting experience.

Dry Fasting vs Water Fasting: Is Dry or Wet Better?

Explore water vs. dry fasting: benefits, stages & safe breaking methods. Uncover optimal fasting techniques for weight loss & health.

Hard dry fast vs Soft dry fast: Which one is better?

When I first started my fasting journey 10 years ago, I never would have imagined that one day I would

Hello Dry Fasters from around the World!

A little introduction to the dry fasting club and it's mission

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