Dry Fasting Theories

Dry Fasting Theories

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Dry fasting theories. Testing different methods of dry fasting. Testing different foods, different preps and approaches. Usually untested, but backed by some sort of logic or experience.

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Why insulin resistance is the key to healing long covid and chronic illnesses (and why psychedelics work)

Aggressive fasting as a reset tool and then increasing relaxation and the parasympathetic nervous system.

A glimpse into my super-powered short dry fast to beat long covid reinfections

When you are severely sick with a chronic illness, it's like you're trapped in quicksand.

The Dead Internet Theory and Dry Fasting

People have been talking about this idea that the internet is kind of dead for about 20 years now, and it's starting to feel really true.

Hippocrates, Kykeon, Eleusinian Mysteries, Psilocybin, and Dry Fasting Insights

You'll notice that a lot of synergies come into play when mixing fasting and psilocybin - Showing us that these insights were long known in ancient Greece, and are attributed to many of the most well respected philosophers.

What is anhydrobiosis and how does it correlate to dry fasting and immortality?

Anhydrobiosis is a puzzling survival method where dried-up organisms seem lifeless but aren't actually dead since they can spring back to life with water.

Harnessing the Anterior Mid-Cingulate Cortex Through Fasting: How to Increase Willpower and Become a Superager

The anterior mid-cingulate cortex is often seen as the main component of Tenacity in the human brain. The ability to persist when the going gets tough and to see your task through to the end.

Why I don't fully agree with the Pheonix Protocol by August Dunning

It's crucial to recognize August Dunning's significant contributions to popularizing dry fasting in North America and the English-speaking world. But it's important to realize that dry fasting is still an evolving practice.

Dry Fasting Thought of the Day - A.I. Censorship

Open-source AI censorship will lead to a global surveillance state and potentially escalate to military action and international conflict. Washington

Dry Fasting Motivations - Hippocrates of Kos - If you are not your own doctor You are a fool

Welcome to the dry fasting club and the beautiful world of dry fasting. I'm Yannick Wolfe and I

Why I do not agree with Filonov's Dry Fasting Refeed Protocol

Long Covid and Lyme's disease come to mind first. But there are other post-viral diseases that are common conspirers too.

Yannick Healing Thoughts 2023

The science behind epigenetics and how and when they are activated during water fasting and dry fasting.

Carnivore diet impact on the Microbiome, Butyrate, and Fiber

Theory on how dry fasting affects your gut microbiome, the production of butyrate, and fiber conversion. Learn about the potential benefits and risks of dry fasting and how it can impact your health.

Dry Fasting and Sauna | Is it Safe? Theories, Anecdotes, and Experiences.

Examine personal experiences of combining dry fasting and sauna use, collected from various online sources. Read positive, negative, and neutral perspectives to better understand the potential benefits and risks.

Can Dry Fasting cure Herpes?

Discover the potential of dry fasting to cure herpes. Learn from experiences and theories on the connection between dry fasting, autophagy, and virus suppression.

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