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My Journey Overcoming Long Covid: Dry Fasting, Supplements, and Medications

Let me preface everything by saying this is not medical advice. This is simply my story and my view on

Nicotine's Importance in the Scorch Protocol + Secret Link

A quick update on nicotine because it's added into the Final version of the scorch protocol, including link to the full protocol.

Reactivated Latent Viruses Long Covid Mitochondrial Hyperfusion

Another quick discussion on viral reactivation from latent viruses and how it relates to long covid and other severe illnesses.

Long Covid August 2023 Thoughts and Reddit

This has been going on for over 3 years. Unfortunately long haulers are getting red pilled into understanding how the

August 2023 Updates and Thoughts

Thoughts on long haul and health research in general

Long Covid July 2023 Update

💡The Long Covid Scorch Protocol is the ultimate culmination of 300 days+ of dry fasting and leading the dry fasting

The Nicotine Test - Long Covid

At the time of writing this, I am trying out the nicotine theory (#TheNicotineTest on Twitter) for the first time. In the early stages of long COVID, roughly 1.5 years ago, I tested nicotine based on a few circulating theories suggesting that smokers were less likely to catch COVID-19.

Long Covid, Mast cell Activation, Inflammation, and Lactic Acidosis

One of the critical symptomological problems is exercise, which boils down to both mitochondrial dysfunction and lactic acid. Let'

Healing Long Covid - Yannick's Story Part 2

This is a work in progress, as my day becomes busier and busier it becomes harder to sit down and

Healing Long Covid - Yannick's Story Part 1

As I write this little memoir of memories, experiences, lessons, and strategies on my journey with long covid, I get

Healing Long Covid Part 4: The Gut, Energy, PEM, and fasting

The gut is one of the first things to go in long covid and signals a spiral into fatigue, PEM, and mast cell activation. We can heal this!

Healing Long Covid Part 3: Most important topics/theories

Long Covid can be a profoundly debilitating disease. Worryingly, its prevalence is on the rise, with recent science suggesting that up to 1 in 8 of those infected develop at least one Long Covid symptom. Crucially, the risk of Long Covid increases with each subsequent infection.

Healing Long Covid Part 2: Theories

Discussion of some of the most popular long covid theories including viral reservoirs, and more. Many of these theories are required to understand how best to treat long covid with dry fasting as a base.

Long Covid Stories: Pre-existing vulnerabilities

Long COVID varies; no one-size-fits-all solution. Address deficiencies, nutrition & theories for tailored healing strategies. #LongCovidRecovery

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