Can Dry Fasting heal stretch marks and loose skin?

Can Dry Fasting heal stretch marks and loose skin?


Explore the benefits of dry fasting on skin health, including tightening loose skin, healing scars, and fading stretch marks. Learn from real experiences.

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Why is dry-fasting good for the skin?

Dry fasting is said to heal a wide array of conditions, and much faster than water fasting at that. There are many claims online that dry fasting is exceptionally good for the skin. But how can that be? Obviously, the skin requires hydration, right?

Yes, but the caveat is that even if your skin is not fully glowing while dry fasting, the bounce back will be phenomenal. There are hundreds of claims of stretch marks disappearing post-dry fast as well as many skin conditions, like scars, sores, psoriasis, and more.

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Fasting in general promotes autophagy, which is the process of recirculating unused and damaged tissues (like stretch marks and scars) for energy and amino acids. Water fasting is slightly less efficient for this, but both dry and water fasting will cause it to take place.

There is something extra during a dry fast that promotes faster and deeper healing. The theory that the cells turn into small thermal reactors that burn toxins and bad cells seems pretty spot on. It definitely would allow the kidneys to rest and heal much more efficiently.

What is dry fasting?

Dry fasting is a type of fasting where individuals abstain from both food and water for a certain period. Unlike traditional fasting, which restricts food intake, or water fasting, which restricts water intake, dry fasting requires the body to rely on its internal water reserves and metabolic reactions for energy. With roots dating back to ancient times for religious and spiritual purposes, dry fasting has potential health benefits such as reducing inflammation, improving metabolic health, and increasing longevity.

However, the risks, including dehydration, kidney stones, and urinary tract infections are there if you don't approach it correctly.

Dry fasting durations vary, with some people opting for 24-hour fasts while others choose longer periods. It is crucial to stay hydrated before and after dry fasting and to consult with a medical professional beforehand, especially if one has underlying health conditions. When done properly, dry fasting can contribute to overall physical and mental well-being. It is the strongest type of fasting available, and some healing mechanisms can only occur while dry fasting. A 7-day dry fast is comparable to a 21-day water fast.

Most common concerns connected with dry-fasting and skin

💪🏼 Can dry fasting get rid of loose skin?

If you want to avoid the unsightly problem of loose skin, dry fasting and autophagy are two effective methods that can help. By losing weight without sacrificing muscle mass, these techniques will keep your skin more elastic and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging as you age. So the answer is yes, dry fasting does help with getting rid of loose skin, but it requires a lot of discipline and can take multiple efforts.

🤌🏼 How does dry fasting tighten skin?

Like most health benefits that come from dry fasting – Your body has an amazing ability to heal itself and fight the effects of aging, through a process called autophagy.

Autophagy is when your cells eat away at parts of themselves that are no longer useful – sounds harmful but it’s actually beneficial! This helps reduce wrinkles, improve skin health and tighten loose skin.

🪡 Does dry fasting heal scars?

Extended fasting is known for being able to trigger autophagy at super high levels – which will do the work of fixing injuries, which includes healing scars. This study suggests that fasting combined with refeeding but not fasting solely facilitates rapid wound healing. So to get the most out of your dry fast when trying to heal scars and old tissue, you need to make sure to refeed correctly.

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⚡️ Stretch marks and dry-fasting

This morning I was taking a shower and to my surprise, I just happen to be checking my body and my stretch marks literally fade away, they were so gross and big that u could feel them just by rubbing your hand on the skin, but today it was so smooth and it’s like 90% of them disappeared its crazy, if somebody told me this I would’ve never believed him. Did anyone else experience the same thing?

🪢 Does dry fasting cause loose skin?

Loose skin is usually the result of losing a lot of weight really quickly. Dry fasting is one of the fastest methods to lose weight, so naturally, it will cause some loose skin.

However, it’s important to remember that dry fasting rapidly eats up unnecessary cells, and loose skin cells fall into that category. It seems that when you dry fast you will have less loose skin than if you water fast for a similar weight loss goal.

Experiences from other dry fasters

⭐️  Experience No 1

Temporarily but once you hydrate and nourish after the fast the skin tissue is much better. Glycogen stores fill up when you eat and drink again. new skin cells are growing faster and the old damaged weak cells are gone. Everything you rebuild from there looks better, younger. You are what you eat. eat well after a fast. ~ LelaH2O

⭐️  Experience No 2

Incorrect, you are not getting dehydrated in the way you would imagine. Most people are like camels first off, although ironically are dehydrated due to electrolyte imbalance for various reasons, mostly due to shitty lifestyle choices. So camel joey is walking around full of glucose and water. Joey decided to dry fast, which will dump all the glucose and camel hump. Fortunately the body has ample supply and ability to make water from the h20 the binds fat cells. Hence this is how one survives a dry fast. Can you go run a marathon, no you would die. Are you dehydrated… no. In fact one shouldn’t look at dehydrated as lacking water, it is more lacking electrolytes. Furthermore because ones body is in ketosis and now undergoing autophagy ones skin is potentially improving. Finally and you can source Filinov on this, dry fasting causes according to him a renewal of metabolic water which in theory would promote healthier skin. ~ VarsityAthlete

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