Dry Fasting Thought of the Day - A.I. Censorship

Dry Fasting Thought of the Day - A.I. Censorship


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Open-source AI censorship will lead to a global surveillance state and potentially escalate to military action and international conflict.

Washington is already filled with BlackRock and tech leaders trying to influence politicians to erect barriers to AI. They want to stop start-ups, but most importantly they want to stop the development of open-source AI that is available to the public for free. Yes, they can make arguments that open-source AI can provide too much information that can facilitate terrorist motives, but what is the alternative? A corrupt stranglehold on the most powerful technology to ever exist? It doesn't take a genius to see where we're headed with the censorship, but it also becomes obvious that there is not much recourse. We ARE heading into an era of censorship. We will be more and more controlled and the online world will be more and more curated. Do you think dry fasting will survive the censorship? It will not. The knowledge will fragment and only those that have had the luck and opportunity to dive into this world will have tools to help themselves and those around them.

I really do hope that I help as many people as possible before that happens. I hope we can build a tribe of bad-ass disciplined health warriors.

Good luck on your dry fasting journey.

Yannick Wolfe

15 Years of Fasting Experience, Ex-ME/CFS, Ex-Long covid. Tech Consultant, Molecular biologist, Father, Researcher, Experimenter.

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