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Here I hope to build a platform for diving deeper, debating, and coming up with fascinating new ideas and protocols. The more informative your post, the higher the chance it gets pinned and immortalized on the dry fasting club forums. The more you post, and automatically early adopters, will get higher roles quicker. It's an inherent part of the coding in the forums - You'll get 'Thought Leader' sooner the faster you start. I really hope you harness the forums as your accountability place. You can use it to build a name for yourself in the fasting community if that's what you want. I will do my best to immortalize the best posts and maybe even convert them or offer you the site as a platform for future articles, ideas, and promotions. You can even treat it as a journal where you can start putting down all your thoughts and have people reply to your strategies, foods, supplements, etc. In real-time, at your own time, with everything organized! Good luck and good luck on your healing journey!

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