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What to buy to prepare or refeed after your dry fast.

I want to prepare a guide that organizes all of my thoughts into a good step-by-step program to get you moving on the right track. Everyone's path is unique, but there are very common first steps that everyone must first perform. I hope you start on this dry fasting journey and treat it as the pillar in returning to your full health.

Some things that I am currently focusing on for those who have requested to work with me on a more personal and continuous level. In a narcissistic way, I use these sessions as a method to continuously improve my approach and keep streamlining it. In the end, we both win because I do my best to give you what you need to heal, while you help me improve the process.

  1. mental health [counseling/therapy] and stress management
    1. I've been there, and I've recovered. It's important to be able to relate to someone going through a traumatic illness. No more gaslighting doctors.
  2. diet and nutrition advice and support [ongoing!]
  3. to receive more than just a ten-minute stressful appointment with one neurologist every six months;
  4. agreed upon written targets, such as working towards drug burden reductions, fasting goals, etc.
  5. access to the shared experience of other people with similar diagnoses

2024 Scorch Protocol for Long Covid and Lyme's + Autoimmune illnesses

2024 Scorch Protocol 28 Day Protocol for Long Covid (And Lyme’s and Auto Immune Illnesses)
The Scorch Protocol 28 Day Protocol for Long Covid [+Lyme’s and CFS-Based Illnesses] Updated Including: Preparation, Fasting, Refeed, and Maintenance Periods Questions? DM @DryFastingClub or Discord or Website FAQ Coming soon If you would like to help with managing this protocol and providi…

Posting this to help while I continue working on it over the next few days.

Buying Guide For Dry Fasting Protocols

Buying Guide for Dry Fasting Protocols
I will also put the quality buy as my link, but I will try to explain the quantity/value buy option too so that you can make a decision. Buying Guide for Dry Fasting Protocols Item Buy Link Comment Nutritious Snacks Bee Pollen BUY #1 BUY #2 There is a difference in quality…

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