Healing Long Covid - Yannick's Story Part 1

Healing Long Covid - Yannick's Story Part 1


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As I write this little memoir of memories, experiences, lessons, and strategies on my journey with long covid, I get giddy with excitement as I bounce a ball off the wall, my leg jittering up and down because I'm so full of energy again. Thinking about going out and cutting down trees and going for runs when I'm not sitting at the computer, writing, or trying to help others with long covid. Do you know what the biggest problem is?

People are scared of dry fasting.

They see it and they cower in fear. They'd rather suffer from their symptoms than take a stab at something that elicits fear in them. I guess you truly have to be desperate to try dry fasting if you're not an open-minded person.

Some would call you a sheep, listening to mainstream media and the mainstream idea that fasting is bad for you. But.. but this isn't fasting, you say. It's kidney damage! You have to drink water! My answer to that is once again, we've been lied to. Metabolic water is a thing and you should read about it here.

The problem with dry fasting as a cure is that the large proportion of people that practice it are so far into the spiritual realm, that they're seen as batshit crazy by most of the rest of the population. But a real game changer is hidden in their craziness, and it's dry fasting. The beauty of it? Almost everything can be explained by science, even if believing in frequencies and prana is the hottest thing in fasting right now.

What are the most annoying things about post covid illness and the long haul?

Is it the random ticks you might get in your eyes, as the virus likes to sit around in hard-to-reach places? Is it the clicking in your jaw as you feel a deficiency in your bones or joints? Pain in your ankles? Increase in spider veins, or little bumps in your veins as you work out indicating some form of blood clotting? The migraines, depression, trouble breathing, brain fog, or fatigue don't count, as those are all major symptoms that make you ready to end your life. Is it the chronic feeling of being sick? A little something in your sinuses at all times, or maybe inflamed lymph nodes that won't go away?

Your lymphatic system is under attack. Your whole body is undergoing a battle. There are no one or two drugs that are going to help you as much as fasting, which will target everything. But can water fasting keep up with the damage? I don't think so.

That's why you need to fight fire with fire... and in this case, it's the dry fasting fire.

There is no way in hell you're healing severe long covid with one extended fast. This is a marathon, not a sprint, you can actually do more damage by going too long too early with not enough prep.

The medical community is baffled by long covid and its varied symptomology. 3 years, millions suffering and still everything is all over the place. you can't tell your body what to heal, it heals at a certain pace. Dry fasting is the most powerful form, but depending on your damage, it can take 5 dry fasts, it can take 10 but that includes proper refeeding and timeout.

Nutrient deficiencies also need to be addressed and that's based on your symptoms. Rush it and cause damage, you might end up worse than before. The same goes for healing. Trust the process of refeeding, and that it takes weeks to rebuild the deficit caused by extended dry fasting. Everyone wants results now, and that's why the pharma industry is so popular.

Long covid caused me PTSD when it came to running. I would have rather jumped out of an airplane than go running. Now I'm back to it. If that's not proof that dry fasting is the right path, I don't know what is. I am more energetic and happy than I was pre-covid. It's not a placebo or comparison effect. There are so few truly healed long haulers that I believe it's rarer than finding a dry faster (debatable).  

I believe that long haul is more metabolic pathway damage than something like Lyme's which has persistent hidden virus/bacteria. If I'm wrong then dry fasting is still the best cure, but it may require even more extended fasting and a slight tweak to supplementation focused on biofilm disruption.

As I continue to write this Healing Long Covid journey article, I realize most of you have probably heard of these theories. At least some of them. They're not well-kept secrets, yet you have not been able to fix your long covid. Either you're brain fogged to the maximum and can't coherently keep two ideas in your head at one time, you're too scared to try some of the more extreme therapies, or you're just not connecting the dots.

Sometimes with long covid, you need someone to take your hand and pull you in the right direction. The problem right now is that the right direction could be any which way. If anyone tells you that this food or that drug will cure you, run the other way.

No one can explain the whole pathology, and so many people differ in symptoms and deficiencies. That's where fasting and specifically dry fasting comes into play.

Your deficiencies might not even be possible to fix without fixing underlying issues like gastrointestinal problems, leaky gut, inflammation, damaged organs, damaged metabolic pathways, persistent viral infections, parasite infections, bacterial infections, and micro clots.

You're stuck in a loop you can't break out of because a few gears are broken. You can't keep dumping magnesium into the system and expect it to go where you need it if the gears are not working in parts B, D, and F. In fact, you may actually cause damage instead.

Fasting works on every single cell in your body, and that includes repairing organs, the digestive system, and metabolic pathways. Dry fasting does this 3x faster, and don't forget 'deeper'. There are some autophagic processes that don't get activated with water fasting, because the body can only do so under the most intense ketosis, and under a hyperosmotic state.

Most scientific studies focus on hyperosmolar hyperglycemic states, which are very bad. Dry fasting creates the polar opposite. Hyperosmolar hypoglycemic fasting states. Read my story to really open your eyes and bathe in the AHA moments as I dive deep and explain the progression from the Alpha strain, to the Delta, to the Omicron.

Let me hold your hand as we traverse this path and I convince you that the first step to truly healing this dreadful disease and its downstream effects is dry fasting.

People will try to sell you all sorts of supplements and ideas, miracle powders, and potions. You don't need any of that.

Your body will do it for you, but you may need a guide to help you along the way. I sure made a bunch of mistakes, but I documented everything, retraced steps, tested new theories, healed my illnesses, and learned a lot. There are pitfalls you can fall into. Dry fasting is not void of dangers. In fact, it's quite dangerous if done incorrectly.

Over the last two years, I've seen people be reckless and hurt themselves, and I've seen people spin their wheels - stuck in the mud and not getting anywhere. Set up a one-on-one call with me to talk about this and possible strategies.

I promise to provide you with enough information on this site to not require any form of coaching, but if you don't want to go through the rigorous hassle, let me guide you through the puddles, holes, and mazes of near-perfect dry fasting. Even if you don't believe I can help you and your special depressive case of long haul, at least you'll gain someone to talk to that has gone through exactly what you're going through and passed it with flying colors. It's worth a shot and I want nothing but your good health. Good luck on your dry fasting journey! Now let's start this story.

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Healing Journey Part 1

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