Healing Long Covid Update May 2024

Healing Long Covid Update May 2024


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Back to 90% health after my recent reinfection exploration (tldr: healed severe LC with scorch protocol, willfully reinfected for science and treating again, but now with all the knowledge gained, hoping to gain more insights and answer personal questions). Now the fun struggle to get back to 99%. 90% means I can eat anything again (except for cinnamon, lol) score 85+ on sleep tracking most nights, work out semi-aggressively, mood stabilized and happy on a day to day basis. 90% also means that there are still slight issues when pushing body to extremes with mini flare ups that require aggressive re-stabilization.

During the height of the reinfection/symptoms in the last months, I had a lot of depressive moments which were very clearly induced by the post viral situation. It felt so alien and evil/mechanical. It is insane how deeply this can damage and how nefariously it can hijack neurotransmitters and cellular function. To be honest, after starting the DFC, I had passed those stages and over the last years have slowly forgotten so many of the early symptoms. It was a beautiful experience in a way (gross), because of this. My heart goes out to anyone that is stuck in the darkness, but even more so to those that are stuck in jobs and who don't have the luxury of experimenting and taking time off. This is why I do this. There has to be a way to condense the healing for those who cannot afford taking months/years off.

Because let's face it. 9-day dry fasts work, but you may have to do then more than once, depending on a lot of factors. If you do them incorrectly, or don't have synergistic strategies, you will most likely have to do many more of them, compared to someone who truly understands what needs to be done from the get-go. You either throw years and many mistakes at it or buckle down from the start.

Now for some quick insights

  • So many clinics now offer long covid help, but almost none of them heal you unless you are mild enough where time and rest will have healed you anyways. Some of these 'food tables' and charts are so extensive, it makes me shake my head. These are symptom managing techniques, and that's just no way to live in my opinion. "Give me health or give me death!" J/k, or am i?
  • These illnesses create allergic reactions to many foods. The more the disease progresses (without you tugging the rope the other way) the more food sensitivities continue to develop until you're left eating the same 5 foods on repeat. Then you eventually start losing those too. This gets reversed through dry fasting, and moves people to tears after a long dry fast. However, if you haven't gone long enough, or refeed/re-exercise too quickly and incorrectly, you won't get to keep all of the benefits.
  • The treatment required depends on the severity of your long covid or similar autoimmune illness. For mild to moderate, a 5-day DF with proper preparation and refeed may be enough. For severe cases you often see a requirement of doing longer ones. Currently the most common approach is a 9-day dry fast, and it is recommended by Filinov to do a second 9-day within a few weeks of the first.
  • Because I focus on autoimmune illnesses, I also lose track of the people that try to dry fast simply for weight loss or getting RIPPED ;) Yes both of these work, but unfortunately many people seeking this are not ready for dry fasting which requires discipline, understanding, and experience to avoid possible dangers.
  • I need to keep revisiting my journals and notes about early stage illness, because it's easy to forget the symptoms like glucose intolerance (mitochondrial damage / insulin resistance) that is extremely common for most people. There are big differences in approach strategies depending on where you are in the healing process, and a later stage requires a deeper focus on bringing carbs back into the diet. However, giving this recommendation to people with severe glucose intolerance due to the disease is counter-productive, and I have to be more mindful.
  • You have to be aware and juggle multiple things. Every sickness and illness is unique to the person and can encompass some, all, or even more symptoms. I know you're thinking: "Fuck me, this is too much" but that's where you are right now. I think it makes sense to keep everything in mind to have the whole picture, and then pick and choose what you can manage and what your budget allows you. Dry fasting is the most powerful tool out of all of these, and the beauty of it is that it improves every single bucket through its cellular recycling and subsequent stem cell regeneration.

    The buckets that you need to be consistently aware of with LC are:
    • Viral persistence/Parasites and re-activation
    • Sleep Quality (you don't sleep well, you limit/destroy healing)
    • Stress / Vagus Nerve / Autonomous nervous system
    • Vitamin, Mineral, Electrolyte, Microbiome deficiencies
    • Underlying conditions / Organ Health / Digestion
  • There is an over-fasting and over-ketosis point that requires rebalancing before going again. This is why you need strategies and to address the buckets. You can't just fast over and over.
  • Building up to longer fasts is required. Some people jump into extremely long fasts and do it successfully, but this does not mean it is safe. There's more than just adaptation that needs to be considered. There is detoxing, and some people are so sick that when the body starts to dump 'toxic' fat and other pathogenic die-off, their bodies can't handle it. This requires an exit, and sometimes the person might feel worse. This is the journey of building up your dry fasting muscle and cleaning your body/blood. A healthy dry faster is said to have blood as clean as glass. Think about this and why you are doing it. Having strategies for the buckets will help you tremendously in this in-between transition as you build up fasts and clean the body.
  • This is also why ketogenic diets do so well. Think of it like baby fasting, while still being able to eat. You get a daily taste of autophagy, but nothing as powerful as what a long fast provides. Start to understand why you may want to start practicing getting into ketosis while fixing certain buckets.
  • Side note: Heard that Filonov is recently telling people that long covid is just Lyme disease. This is a fair assumption to make considering the parallels and the inability to truly understand both diseases. However, it's important to understand that Filinov and most doctors in general, have no idea what it truly is, and due to their superiority-complex, require an answer, so they "make" them up. Trevor also makes attempts to explain what long covid is (parasites and biofilms). This isn't a jab at them, I hold them both in great esteem. It's just a concept that I hope you already understand, or that I've highlighted to you so that you can begin the process of understanding. Medical doctors and people in positions of power exude a type of confidence that requires them to have an unshakeable opinion. It's why we clap and praise people who admit mistakes and change. It's not easy, and to be honest, most of us want to hear that someone has the answers to our problems, regardless of the truth. We want a daddy figure. But when you find out no one is coming to save you but yourself, your whole world shatters and shakes. What you're really looking for is the 'divine spark', and this spark is already inside of you. This inner divinity is what can and will answer your questions. It's why you need to 'Know Thyself'. It's why you need to meditate and/or pray.
    Nonetheless, dry fasting works for nearly all diseases, especially ones that require deep cellular cleansing, so lucky for us, it doesn't matter that no one can truly explain LC, dry fasting just works.

I have a very busy day today, but after my morning routine and coffee, I was inspired to sit down and write this up (took about ~ 1 hour, so please excuse errors and omissions). I get a lot of messages over email, discord, and meetings. I know often people are embarrassed and have a feeling of shame/introversion about their health, but feel free to leave questions or insights on this post if it calls to you, for others to stumble upon, and I will try to answer. You can also book a free 15-minute call with me, and ask some pressing questions (go to members page). Subscribing to the site helps me continue writing this kind of stuff in the hopes that it helps you heal and gives you access to protocols – Which I promise to continue updating and expanding. Another side note... I am in the process of re-writing a few protocols so I've pulled some of the old ones down because it makes me feel uncomfortable providing information that I believe to be outdated and not as powerful/safe as I would like.

Yannick Wolfe

15 Years of Fasting Experience, Ex-ME/CFS, Ex-Long covid. Tech Consultant, Molecular biologist, Father, Researcher, Experimenter.

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