How to use the sauna with dry fasting to cure Herpes and Ebstein Barr

How to use the sauna with dry fasting to cure Herpes and Ebstein Barr


Merging the practices of dry fasting and sauna therapy unveils a unique, synergistic potential. The enhanced autophagy from dry fasting, coupled with the activation of heat shock proteins through sauna therapy, could significantly amplify cellular repair and rejuvenation.

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There is no current scientific consensus on sauna, fasting, and healing dormant herpes viruses. Even though most people love to play the role of reductionist as in the case of someone saying the carnivore diet cures everything. It's not like that. Dry fasting however is the closest thing to an actual "cure-all type" panacea. This article is going to focus on a subset of the synergistic tools, and it will be sauna use with dry fasting.

I'd like for you to merge both ideas from the scorch protocol with the "modified carnivore diet 2024 protocol". Once you've mastered those, you may have already healed your herpes or EBV problem, or put it into remission. However, if you need additional help, I'd like for you to work on adding sauna use and the Magic Mushroom Dry Fasting protocol into the equation (found under the Protocols section). Once you've mastered these, you will be on your way to getting rid of a herpes infection. I want to be clear. It's unknown if you can ever clear it for good once you've been infected. The current scientific consensus is no. Regardless, never having an outbreak would be viewed as being healed by most. So that is definitely within your grasp.

Warning: You have to improve your baseline state before going crazy in the sauna if you have an autoimmune illness or uncontrollable virus flare-ups. In an extremely weakened state, the heat stress will be too much for your body's compromised autophagy mechanisms to deal with. Build up with ideas from the Scorch Protocol.

Saunas are becoming popular not just for relaxation, but also for their potential health benefits, especially for our immune system. From heat shock proteins to autophagy, to endorphins. When you sit in a sauna, your body gets warm, and this warmth can make your body release endorphins, which are feel-good chemicals. The release of endorphins can lead to changes in the activity of certain neurons, which in turn may affect serotonin release. Endorphin release also increases the activity of tryptophan hydroxylase, an enzyme crucial for serotonin synthesis. Serotonin helps regulate various immune functions like controlling how certain immune cells behave and reducing inflammation. So, using a sauna might help boost your body's defense system by working on these serotonin levels. It's all intertwined.

β-endorphins and pain modulation | Download Scientific Diagram

Something to consider with serotonin's role is its presence in the immune system. Nearly all immune cells express at least one component related to serotonin, highlighting its significance in immunoregulation. In recent years, research has illuminated several immunomodulatory functions of serotonin. For instance, in monocytes and macrophages, serotonin has been shown to modulate the secretion of cytokines. Interestingly, it can also inhibit the release of key inflammatory molecules like tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) and interleukin-1β through the activation of serotonin receptors. SSRIs are not the solution, even though in RARE cases they can help. The possible complications are NOT worth it.

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You start to see the picture being painted by serotonin. There's a reason the time-honored saying, "To be healthy, one must be happy," has its roots in all cultures. Stress and depression lead to lower levels of serotonin, which leads to a downregulated immune response, which leads to more inflammation, and more sickness. Everything comes to the Parasympathetic, Serotonin, and if you've been following my recent writing - Oxytocin. Dial these in and you will heal.

Biggest Virus Reactivation Causes

  • sunburn
  • heat stress
  • mental stress
  • physical exhaustion
  • immunosuppressants

Really what we see here is any form of extreme stress that might lower the immune system in the short while may cause an outbreak. I imagine it like the guards having to run off for a short while because they are understaffed and the inmates break out ;)

Additional dry fasting and sauna considerations for herpes and EBV

Enhancing Cellular Renewal through Dry Fasting and Hyperosmotic Stress

Dry fasting takes the concept of traditional fasting further by also eliminating water intake, leading to a state known as hyperosmotic stress. This condition, marked by elevated solute levels in bodily fluids, activates a robust survival mechanism within cells. The process of autophagy, where cells cleanse themselves of damaged components, is significantly intensified. This heightened state of cellular housekeeping, brought on by the combination of dry fasting and hyperosmotic stress, offers a potent defense against cell damage and potential diseases. However, the precise dynamics and ideal conditions for this type of fasting are still under active scientific investigation.

Sauna Therapy's Role in Cognitive Enhancement and Muscular Resilience

Historically revered for its health benefits, sauna therapy has gained scientific recognition for its role in promoting neurogenesis and overall cognitive health. The substantial heat exposure in a sauna induces a specific form of stress that leads to the production of heat shock proteins. These proteins serve as cellular guardians, ensuring proper protein maintenance and mirroring aspects of cellular autophagy. Additionally, sauna sessions are linked to increased levels of BDNF, a critical protein for neuronal survival and growth. This surge in BDNF not only bolsters brain health but also contributes to muscle repair and endurance, highlighting the multifaceted health contributions of sauna therapy.

The Synergistic Potential of Combining Dry Fasting with Sauna Therapy

Merging the practices of dry fasting and sauna therapy unveils a unique, synergistic potential. The enhanced autophagy from dry fasting, coupled with the activation of heat shock proteins through sauna therapy, could significantly amplify cellular repair and rejuvenation. Theoretically, this synergy may bolster the body's defense mechanisms against various stressors, augment cognitive functions, and aid in muscle preservation. Intriguingly, research suggests that post-exercise sauna sessions could lead to a substantial increase, up to 32%, in muscular endurance and preservation. This indicates a remarkable potential to elevate physical performance when these practices are strategically combined, though further research is needed to establish optimal protocols and fully understand the underlying mechanisms at play.

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