Long Covid Stories: Pre-existing vulnerabilities
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Long Covid Stories: Pre-existing vulnerabilities


Long COVID varies; no one-size-fits-all solution. Address deficiencies, nutrition & theories for tailored healing strategies. #LongCovidRecovery

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From the few people I've helped heal, I already know that long covid manifests differently in many people. I don't look at it as a one size fits all problem, and neither can the solution.

Dry fasting in itself is an overarching panacea, but even it is not enough to fully exterminate long covid. Different deficiencies occur when different pre-existing conditions come into play. Without covering these through nutrition and the correct supplements, you'll be stuck in the mud.

Dry fasting will seal damages done to organs and the body, but it can't do everything. There is a current theory that "spike" and viral debris attach to cellular synapses and that dislodging them is key.

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