Simplified Scorch Protocol 2024
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Simplified Scorch Protocol 2024


You've probably just stumbled upon dry fasting. Or you've finally tried everything and are close to giving up. Welcome desperation warrior! The Scorch Protocol is your powerful ally.

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The scorch protocol is my magnum opus guide to healing from autoimmune illness, as I healed myself from the most severe Long Covid/Autoimmune ME/CFS type illnesses.

If you haven't read the full and complicated Scorch protocol. you can access it here for free:

2024 Scorch Protocol 28 Day Protocol for Long Covid (And Lyme’s and Auto Immune Illnesses)

This scorch protocol is a reductionist version for those who don't want to dive too deeply into the theories and missing links. I'll do my best here to provide a few extremely simplified strategies for different periods of recovery (ie. bedridden vs able to move around vs halfway improved vs 80% improved). As I continue to write this simplified version - there are a lot of gems in here, so subscribe and read it!

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