The Dead Internet Theory and Dry Fasting

The Dead Internet Theory and Dry Fasting


People have been talking about this idea that the internet is kind of dead for about 20 years now, and it's starting to feel really true.

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Just a little addition to the motivation section – I hope.

The Dead Internet Theory is all about how the internet feels more like it's run by robots and smart programs instead of real people. I'm bringing this up because it's something you can't help but notice, especially on places like Facebook or Twitter. Even though I've cut down on my social media time a lot—I really don't like being on it—I still use some smart tools to help share my stuff online. That's because when you want to spread your message, you gotta be where people are hanging out, right?

Luckily you found dry fasting.

But whenever I do check out social media, I see tons of headlines that try to grab your attention with wild stories. It used to be that clickbait was just a way to get you to read articles, but now, it feels like more than half of these stories aren't even trying to tell the truth. They just make stuff up.

For example, you might see a story saying something crazy like "Gordon Ramsay throws out Leah Thomas for being woke" and it gets tons of likes and shares. It's like the internet has turned into a place where robots and some companies from far-off places are just trying to get us to pay attention to them. They're not really about sharing real stories or connecting people anymore. The more time you spend online, the more it feels like you're just being herded around.

If you're looking for advice, I can't honestly and truthfully say which option is best, nor can I endorse one diet over another as the ultimate fix. I may have opinions and believe that what I know works, but I approach everything with the knowledge and humility that I may be wrong about everything. (I truly believe I can guide anyone to heal with enough time and strategies). What I can share is the value of fasting. It's a practice that connects you deeply with your body and mind, bringing you closer to a state of pure being. A practice that truly lets you understand yourself. The guru within you. Fasting is about finding peace in emptiness through consuming nothingness. It's also about learning to appreciate the journey to this discovery, especially before the world's constant surveillance and distractions pull you away. It's about catching this moment before it's too late.

People have been talking about this idea that the internet is kind of dead for about 20 years now, and it's starting to feel really true. What we need to do is focus on what's really important—taking care of ourselves, finding some quiet in our busy lives, connecting with family, and helping out where we can. Fasting is a key component of all of this. It might seem like there's not much hope for the internet to get better, but I believe there are still good things about it and smart people working to make it better. What's important is that we remember there's more to life than just arguing online and that we all have something valuable inside us that can make a difference

Yannick Wolfe

15 Years of Fasting Experience, Ex-ME/CFS, Ex-Long covid. Tech Consultant, Molecular biologist, Father, Researcher, Experimenter.

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