The Scorch Protocol: Heal Long Covid and Autoimmune Disease

The Scorch Protocol: Heal Long Covid and Autoimmune Disease


The Scorch protocol is a protocol that involves burning damaged cells and damaged DNA and rebuilding them with stem cells via dry fasting. Developed for Long Covid sufferers. This is what you need to do to cure your disease ASAP.

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This protocol is slightly outdated. There is a living document version of the Scorch Protocol. Click here. However, reading through this protocol will help you understand a lot of background information regarding the scorch protocol.

This is the preparation of loading up on necessary nutrients, lowering levels of blood glucose, caffeine, and other factors, raising energy levels, and preparing the intestines. This protocol is also what we will be rushing to get back into after a fast if I'm guiding your long covid healing strategy, and that’s where you need to follow the refeed properly to make sure you get the fastest and most efficient healing possible. There are a few different additions that are symptom dependant that are used such as ivermectin, and a few others that are not included here. Slight alterations can be made due to symptomatology, allergies, and dry fasting stages.

Never start dry fasting for long periods of time without acclimatizing the body to fasting first. Start with 36H, then 72H, then 120H. Also please test your body's ability to tolerate ivermectin and nicotine patches as early as possible so that you are not testing them out for the first time on a relapse. They work 95% of the time, do your best to acquire them. 

The scorch protocol is 4 steps: Preparation for a dry fast, Dry fasting stages and strategies during it, Refeeding after the Dry Fast, and the In-between Fast Protocol. Each stage is critical in maximizing healing time and minimizing deficiencies and mistakes. The scorch protocol also includes do's and don'ts during refeed, and sleep options to hack your sleep during the infamous insomnia-esque stages of dry fasting. If there's one article on this site that you should pay attention to it's this one. Treat it as the cornerstone of the dry fasting club. Sign up on the site for free to get access to it, and you'll also get my most recent updates on dry fasting news.

This is my attempt at distilling my experience and experimentation into a very general all-around protocol for long covid for free distribution. This should work for you as long as you perform the required dry fasting, preparation, and refeed correctly as well. All information is found on this website. If you want more personalized coaching, subscribe to the member's page.
There is a Beginners Scorch Protocol Preparation Version here that simplifies it for your first few dry fasts.
Note: Very severe long covid and lyme's sufferers may not be able to handle carbs due to mitochondrial damage, viral reactivation, hyperfusion, etc. If this is your case, you need to focus on complex carbs instead. For example substitute fruit broth (compote) for vegetable broth. Even skip honey if it is not sitting well and giving you relapse symptoms. Ivermectin combined with L-lysine should be enough to allow you to handle some carbs, which are necessary for ideal nutrition after the fast. But our goal is to minimize relapse, so remember you can always substitute all fruits and sugars to vegetables instead. You can work out during the fast, but taper down before you exit and do not do heavy exercise or stress on the body until 1-2 weeks out of refeed and on the nicotine patch part of the protocol.

Long Covid Scorch Protocol for nutrient capture

This day-by-day feeding guide is meant to recapture lost nutrients and minerals and prepare you for your next fast. I have used this protocol with a few other long haulers as well, to great effect. To speed up weight gain between fasts, look for full-fat raw organic milk. If you can't find it, then look for organic full-fat milk instead. This is nature's fattening-up formula, with nearly all the necessary nutrients. This is but one strategy out of a dozen you can take, all explained in detail in the Scorch protocol.

I have now beaten Covid and a Covid long-haul relapse from reinfection. Dry fasting works, it's probably one of the only things that ACTUALLY works. This means that it heals almost everything (minus stage 4 diseases, kidney, liver, and blood diseases). But Autoimmune diseases? Viral persistence? Goodbye! This protocol is the one to read. It's the most complicated but also the most detailed. I go into detail for specific situations, specific types of people, and how to pivot if something happens symptom-wise or if you have a re-infection/relapse. The scorch protocol addresses the refeed, the preparation, and the hacks that you can perform during the fast itself. This is what over 300 days of dry fasting experimentation plus working with a hundred other long haulers and dry fasters to compare notes gives you. Is this the end of experimentation? Definitely not! I will continue to push boundaries and experiment with different hacks to improve the preparation, refeed, and fast itself. Of course, if you are old, terminally sick, or terrified of dry fasting then putting yourself in someone like Filonov's hands makes sense. But this information is still undeniably important for each and everyone who wants to dry fast. This is a no-bullshit, strictly scientific, and exploratory approach to dry fasting with an emphasis on Autoimmune issues and a specialization in Long Covid.

I've been in the Long Covid space since the beginning, there are a lot of random anecdotes that will heal you (breastmilk, NAC, anti-coagulation, lactoferrin, metformin, ivermectin, paxlovid, LDN, etcetera) but there's nothing with a consistent heal rate (other than time and rest), for most. The problem is that some people worsen, while most only heal a fraction of their original health. Every single person that extended dry fasts, moves upwards in health (fractionally). I know it sounds unreal. It is unreal. I want to yell it from the rooftops, but it'll just get censored, blocked, and ridiculed. This whole pandemic was one big censorship campaign and vaccine push. Unfortunately, if you've coasted through it, you still believe that the government has your best interest in mind, doctors know what's best, and that you can just sit back and relax.

Inside the different scorch protocols, you will see a lot of recommended foods, teas, and supplements. I have provided links to the specific types you should buy. This also took years of research to figure out. Buying supplements and even the right types of food is critical to doubling or even tripling healing rates. Sometimes getting the wrong thing can actually set you back. Unfortunately, the supplement industry is a huge scam, and navigating the scammy waters is a skill in and of itself. A lot of people have not grown proficient at navigating the world of online scams and supplements, so leave it to me to guide you. Sometimes your country may not be compatible with the specific supplements I recommend, but for each one, I will try to explain how you can find alternatives and what to look for. Cofactors are very important, but I also understand that budget is important when planning for a dry fast. Some people don't have access to the same capital, so I will also mark things that are not mission-critical with an (optional) tag. If you can afford it, get it. If not, skip the optional. I will also try to further distill it down to (critical) for the absolute basics. I'm not here to make money, and I'm not here to make you lose money. I want you to get better. The subscription helps manage this site, and I hope if you benefit from it, you'll make the commitment. If the 5$ pricing is an issue for you, please reach out to me and we will make an exception!

If I had to pick the most important step when it comes to actual healing it will be REFEED CORRECTLY.

Now feast your eyes, because the information here is long and dense, but the protocols are what you want. You don't have to get this all done right away. Take it piece by piece, but start working on the Scorch Preparation Protocol ASAP, while you keep learning and adapting. And now unto the Scorch Protocols below!

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