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Is Glucose Required During a Dry Fasting Refeed?

While gluconeogenesis can provide glucose during periods of low carbohydrate intake, it may not be sufficient to meet the high energy and substrate demands of stem cells during active regeneration.

The Science behind how the body makes MORE of its own water when dry fasting

When we fast, our body turns to stored fat for energy, a process known as fat oxidation. This isn't just about energy; it's also about water production.

Why Glycine is one of the most important molecules for autophagy, dry fasting, and health

Glycine, a non-essential amino acid, has been studied for its various roles in the body, including its involvement in the process of autophagy, the body's way of cleaning out damaged cells and cell components to make way for new, healthier ones.

Yannick Advanced 36 Hour Dry Fast Protocol

Recommended only for advanced bio-hackers and those at the tail end of their Autoimmune illness journey.

Everything you wanted to know about cortisol, adrenal fatigue, and dry fasting

Cortisol, known as the "stress hormone," is produced by the adrenal glands. Its primary role is in managing how the body uses carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, and it also helps regulate the body's response to stress. During extended fasting, cortisol levels rise.

How to use the sauna with dry fasting to cure Herpes and Ebstein Barr

Merging the practices of dry fasting and sauna therapy unveils a unique, synergistic potential. The enhanced autophagy from dry fasting, coupled with the activation of heat shock proteins through sauna therapy, could significantly amplify cellular repair and rejuvenation.

10 Ways to Naturally Increase Oxytocin Levels in Your Body

Techniques such as exercise, music, touch, and activities like massage or cuddling have been found to boost oxytocin production. Additionally, we explore the potential impact of nutrition, gut health, and certain lifestyle choices on oxytocin levels.

Beginners Dry Fasting Protocol 2024

Dry fasting has been around for a long time. People did it when they had no food or water, not because they were following a special diet or taking supplements.

Osmolytes are one of the keys to surviving dehydration when fasting

Osmolytes are a group of small, highly soluble molecules that play an essential role in maintaining cellular homeostasis, particularly under stress conditions such as dehydration or extreme temperature fluctuations.

What is anhydrobiosis and how does it correlate to dry fasting and immortality?

Anhydrobiosis is a puzzling survival method where dried-up organisms seem lifeless but aren't actually dead since they can spring back to life with water.

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