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How much muscle will you lose on a dry fast?

Humans have been involuntarily fasting since the beginning of time. If we didn't have built in mechanisms to preserve muscle, we likely would have died long ago.

Long Covid August 2023 Thoughts and Reddit

This has been going on for over 3 years. Unfortunately long haulers are getting red pilled into understanding how the

How long can you safely do a dry fast?

One of the most important questions when it comes to dry fasting. How long can you safely do it?

August 2023 Updates and Thoughts

Thoughts on long haul and health research in general

How do you break a dry fast properly?

Breaking a dry fast properly is the most important step. It is the first step of refeeding and sets the pace.

What I Learned after 300 Days of Dry Fasting

Things that I truly believe are critical and not well-known or are highly controversial and hotly debated.

Can you exercise during your dry fast?

The easiest way to look at it is that you can do light exercise on a dry fast, but avoid

Long Covid July 2023 Update

πŸ’‘The Long Covid Scorch Protocol is the ultimate culmination of 300 days+ of dry fasting and leading the dry fasting

Dry Fasting Motivations - Hippocrates of Kos - If you are not your own doctor You are a fool

Welcome to the dry fasting club and the beautiful world of dry fasting. I'm Yannick Wolfe and I hope to

Dry Fasting Research Quick-Start Guide

πŸ’‘I am starting this post as a reminder to build it out as a road map for new people to

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