August 2023 Updates and Thoughts

August 2023 Updates and Thoughts


Thoughts on long haul and health research in general

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I beat back a covid reinfection with dry fasting and nicotine therapy recently (I think I wrote about it in the July 2023 update). I also used more cold therapy than normal. The results were phenomenal. Didn't have to do really long dry fasts either. I went on a 5-day bachelor party camping trip (it's this larp called Bicolline in Canada) we drank every night, slept on the ground, walked 50k steps every day, and battled in the scorching sun.

The relapse was nearly fully managed, I know it wanted to come out. At the same time, it may have also just been general exhaustion. But I've dialed in the supplements and the way to use nicotine, carb -> protein/fat timings, ivermectin, and fasting when necessary. Oh yeah, on top of the supps, magnesium, salt, and potassium is a game-changer too. A lot of POTS symptoms come from dysregulated electrolyte balance. Dry fasting helps the body stabilize levels, but only if you have enough. Without going into too much detail, this part is incorporated into the scorch protocol under the in-between fasting period for the salt drink. I still have to do a lot of updates and additions to the scorch protocol. So much to do, so little time. Anyways, I can say with near certainty that dry fasting is probably the only solution to long-haul covid syndrome because I follow all the other 'recovered' stories and I don't think they truly recover, and they always come back. To be fair, there's a chance long covid is kind of a lifelong thing, always lurking in the shadows. If you've got it, I know you understand. But let me tell you this. Dry fasting properly will get your life back. It may not be overnight, it won't be after one or two fasts, but eventually, it will - good luck!

Thoughts based on some tweets.

All humans quickly fall into the trap of, “Hooray, my good idea is the real truth, so clearly I’m a smarty pants and that’s all there is to this subject, and now I can educate the world on my findings!”

A person comes to a realization and thinks they are the only one and the first to put those two thought pieces together, then they get a huge dopamine rush of satisfaction and completion and so that’s s the end, right?

I am even guilty of that from time to time. Partly because I’m eager to stop researching and start doing. I continue to learn more nuanced details every year.

I get overwhelmed and I want it to stop and be done with. I want to be at the end of the road already, but it seems to never end. I doubt I will ever flesh it all out to complete knowledge or relevance or applicability.

So, what to do in the crux of life where school never finishes? Keep dancing til the end of time.

The brain is an advanced pattern matching and pattern replication system. With several environmental sensors each with limited range and sensory blind spots. As such, it is very impossible to know everything about your environment or to calculate what is about to happen next. How do you move forward without Analysis Paralysis? All you can ever do is hope your prediction is accurate enough that you get the results you need. In the midst of life or death situations, there is no more time for learning before acting. Act on the spot in the face of danger or not act appropriately and die for it. That is the crux of every human problem that exists.

Yannick Wolfe

15 Years of Fasting Experience, Ex-ME/CFS, Ex-Long covid. Tech Consultant, Molecular biologist, Father, Researcher, Experimenter.

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