Carnivore Dry Fasting Protocol 2024
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Carnivore Dry Fasting Protocol 2024


If you've been on the carnivore diet for a while and are looking for a safe and effective dry fasting refeed the Carnivore Refeed has got you covered. Specially designed for those whose bodies still struggle with carbs, this carnivore-refeed method ensures a gentle transition back to regular eating.

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This protocol is a big overhaul of the previous carnivore protocol with hundreds of new insights and experiences that have been built upon it.

This Protocol is a paid protocol that requires a paid subscription to view in its entirety. This helps me pay to cover costs associated with hosting and running the website. The Scorch protocol involves a high-fat diet section that I recommend instead of this one

Refeeding as a carnivore-style diet after a dry fast is not the optimal way to refeed, but knowing this, there are hacks and strategies to make it possible and harness its unique powers. A high protein, primal energy-focused refeed.

The protocol involves foods, strategies, and timelines, this protocol will be constantly evolving over the year.

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