Juice Prep Protocol 3-day (Speed Run) V3

Juice Prep Protocol 3-day (Speed Run) V3


Optimize your dry fasting preparation with the Wolfe Juice Protocol Speed Run version including juices, kefir, vitamins, and supplements for a smooth start.

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This Juice prep Speed Run protocol has been used by Yannick Wolfe many times. It harnesses strategies that help covid long haulers, into a protocol that can help everyone. Think of long haulers as people with various symptoms and organ damage. The strategies here are applicable to a wide variety of illnesses, so if you're not suffering from a debilitating illness, this protocol will make your dry fast a breeze. There have been a few small tweaks and updates since it was released, but they will be updated here unless there is a large enough one to warrant a version upgrade. This speed run juice prep is intended for dry fasts of 5 days or shorter. Longer dry fasts require better preparation if you are to do it correctly and safely. If you are going for a longer dry fast, please consider preparing earlier and spending a day doing an intestinal flush and a liver flush.

The Juice Protocol is slightly outdated. Please view Beginner dry fasting protocol and the scorch protocol for more up-to-date information.
Please look up the Scorch Protocol to see an example of daily foods and supplements recommended in between dry fasts during the refeed. The scorch protocol currently is where the most up-to-date information is being distilled from over 200 pages of notes and data from other dry fasters. It includes a preparation protocol, an inside fast protocol, refeed protocol, an in-between fasts protocol, and a sleep protocol to combat sleep problems and insomnia-esque dry fasting periods. A lot (if not all) of autoimmune diseases can benefit from the scorch protocol

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