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Nicotine's Importance in the Scorch Protocol + Secret Link


A quick update on nicotine because it's added into the Final version of the scorch protocol, including link to the full protocol.

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The reason this question needs to be asked is that there is a correlation between being able to work out better with fewer relapses and less PEM when on nicotine patches. I have personally experienced this, and it's a very common observation in the nicotine patch testing circles. It's irrefutable. It helps you feel better and perform better. However, it can also be a trap, because it encourages you to push harder and further which almost always leads to a relapse. The relapses are usually lessened in strength which is fantastic, but it begs the question: Does nicotine help lower the lactic acid buildup? If you read below you'll realize it does not. So we'll have to look into other possible mechanisms, such as its effect on the Vagus nerve and Vagal Tone (similar to deep breathing exercises and cold exposure). I've also got the most up-to-date scorch protocol that makes intense changes and some added strategies to really perfect the long covid healing journey. Link below.

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