Can you heal scalp psoriasis through Dry Fasting?

Can you heal scalp psoriasis through Dry Fasting?


Discover how dry fasting can improve skin health, including conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Learn from research and personal experiences.

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Dry fasting cures many skin diseases. From eczema, viral infections, psoriasis, and more. Lots of people have cured lifelong skin conditions, and you’ll be able to find many first-hand experiences online. Psoriasis is a condition that affects millions of people. If Dry fasting could cure your psoriasis, would you attempt it? The following is an experience of how dry fasting healed scalp psoriasis along with some research papers on psoriasis and dry fasting.

A new study published in the European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology (EADV) shows that modified intermittent fasting (MIF), which involves eating normally for 5 days and restricting calorie intake for 2 non-consecutive days, may improve the skin of psoriasis patients. This research provides hope for those who suffer from this chronic condition.

The objective of this study was to provide evidence on whether there is a link between gut health and psoriatic lesions, as well as learn of any benefits of MIF in psoriasis management. A total of 24 patients were enrolled, with 1 cohort of 12 instructed to modify their diet with modified intermittent fasting and the other cohort to continue their regular diet. The fasting group ate 500 kcal twice per week on 2 non-consecutive days, but on all other days were free to eat like usual.

The Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI) score and Body Surface Area (BSA) score was similar between both arms at Week 0. At Week 6 and Week 12, the fasting group reported significant skin improvement, including less scaling and skin thickening, with 30% of patients claiming a decrease in itching. These results mean that fasting definitely had a powerful impact on psoriasis. These results look favorably towards fasting as a potential cure. Since water fasting and dry fasting are both more extreme versions of intermittent fasting, it definitely builds a case for dry fasting being able to heal issues with psoriasis.

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This second study The Impact of Ramadan Fasting on the Reduction of PASI Score, in Moderate-To-Severe Psoriatic Patients: A Real-Life Multicenter Study, showed two main takeaways. There was no risk of psoriasis worsening with dry fasting and the psoriasis PASI score overall improved with dry fasting.


Testimonial online of a dry fast to treat psoriasis

Q: Did you notice any hair loss during your dry fast?

A: I haven’t really experienced hair loss. Honestly, I have very thick curly hair and it might look like my hair is thinning but I was just pulling my hair to show you my scalp. This fast was 3 weeks wet/dry and I had no noticeable changes in my hair thickness.

Q: How long was the fast? What did you wash your hair with? Did you wash your hair before the fast?

A: Fast was 3 weeks on and off dry/wet fasting. A few days dry and then a couple wet etc. I didn’t wash my hair with anything the whole fast. I let my body do it all. I washed my hair once every week with a low lather shampoo and scalp scrub prior to fasting. Never saw results like this before fasting.

Q: is this your first time to fast? you have fasted a total of 3 weeks? how many days were you dry then in water? because I have dermatitis, I would like to get rid of it

A: No I have done a few fasts before. This is my third 3 week fast. I dry fasted a couple days and then water and repeat. I just dry fasted until I needed water every couple days I wasn’t on a specific schedule sorry.

Q: all your psoriasis is gone?

A: I still have flare ups here and there but its gone for the most part

Q: Wow! How does this work and also how do you not go insane? I did a two day fast once and struggled lol

A: I rest a lot haha and focus on my hobbies

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