Long Covid July 2023 Update

Long Covid July 2023 Update


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The Long Covid Scorch Protocol is the ultimate culmination of 300 days+ of dry fasting and leading the dry fasting club. It's over 200 pages of notes organized. I could write 1000 pages and still miss some key things, but the gist of it is all there. Make sure you adhere to this correctly and you will heal your Long Haul. I'll re-iterate. Every single Long hauler that has dry fasted has seen an improvement in symptoms, it's that much more powerful than any other form of fasting. Even if you don't do the scorch protocol, you will see some healing. The Scorch Protocol is made to directly address Long Covid and Autoimmune diseases like Lupus, Lyme's, and more. And it dials in a lot of experimentation and combinations from other famous and non-famous dry fasters.

I am currently working on a bigger post on how to heal long covid with all the 3 years of my own experiences, healing, and experimentation, involving all the past and current theories but adding intense dry fasting experimentation into it. Keep in mind that ME/CFS, and a lot of AUTOIMMUNE diseases have near identical symptomatology so this information works for a broad spectrum of people looking to heal. I'm healed, I relapsed from a re-infection, then healed again with dry fasting. If you get value from this and want to support continued work subscribe in the members section for $5 and receive access to a lot more hidden content as well as an opportunity to chat with me one on one.

There's some good AI information circling in the field, so if you've missed it here's a quick recap:

Based on 25k reports form r/covidlonghaulers and r/LongCovid:

Most popular 1. Antihistamines 2. Magnesium 3. NSAIDS (Aspirin) 4. Steroids (Prednisone) 5. Vitamin D

Highest avg. reported effectiveness 1.  Carnivore Diet (3.28 avg. benefit, n=47) 2.Dairy Cessation (3.21, n=38) 3.  Rest (3.16, n=122) 4.  Benfotiamine (B1) (3.12, n=33) 5.  Psilocybin(!) (3.12, n=66)

Let's discuss the deeper impacts of the Carnivore diet, Benfotiamine and the Korsakoff-Syndrome, Psilocybin (magic mushrooms might be a missing hack), and my upcoming updates to the scorch protocol. Once the pieces start coming together you'll realize we have everything we need to beat all autoimmune diseases, but dry fasting is and will always be your biggest Ace up the sleeve.

The Carnivore diet makes complete sense, and I've talked about it a lot, BUT people are not aware that making carnivore a lifestyle in and of itself is damaging to your health long term. I don't care how many times you tell me that there's still some butyrate in butter and that you just need to look at people's results to see what is better. If you can't eat cooked broccoli without relapsing, you are still extremely sick. I love Carnivore, and I use it as a tool to make dry fasting FASTER, stronger, and better, but it's important to seek out true health, and that means never pigeonholing yourself into one ideology!  

B1-Befotiamine: Look up Korsakoff-Syndrome. I'm not a fan of megadosing one thing, because people forget about things like cofactors, other vitamin depletion, and dependence. If you look at my protocols you will see nutritional yeast. Look into it, I like to go with the more natural, well-rounded approach.

Psilocybin. I was testing this but because I've healed long covid it's not very practical. I am trying to see how it affects mood and stress, since chronic stress both mental and physical is a precursor to long covid, meaning that consistent high stress puts you into a deficiency state that lets the virus propagate much faster. You can read more about it in articles like this one: Chronic stress and endothelial dysfunction: mechanisms, experimental challenges, and the way ahead. Being able to relax better, as well as stabilize the vagus nerve and parasympathetic system equals rest and relaxation, which is constantly touted as one of the main remedies to CFS and most likely LC as well. Is psilocybin one of the hacks to get you to downregulate stress? Psilocybin Treatment for Major Depression Effective for Up to a Year for Most Patients, Study Shows.

I have been postponing really diving deep into the Scorch protocol, but I promise it's on my to-do list. That will be the ultimate dry fasting to heal long covid protocol, and I guarantee you, you will see improvements.

Yannick Wolfe

15 Years of Fasting Experience, Ex-ME/CFS, Ex-Long covid. Tech Consultant, Molecular biologist, Father, Researcher, Experimenter.

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